Know more about the M2S project

The M2S Project aims to increase increase understanding of writing by combining correlational research to examine the relationship between executive functions (EF) and writing, with experimental research to test the effects of mindfulness-based training on EF and writing as well as on academic achievement, social skills, and health-related outcomes. This project also aims to play an instrumental role in the teaching of writing and promotion of students’ success, by providing students and teachers with evidence-based materials and technological tools, including a mobile app connected to bracelets and a feedback software for teachers.


M2S Threefold Contribution​

Scientific. This project will investigate the poorly understood relationship between EF and writing providing empirical support for current cognitive writing models highlighting the role of EF on writing. In doing so, it will provide a thorough examination of mindfulness training effects on cognitive, social, and health-related measures, which is currently lacking. We will also provide original findings on the effects of the Self-Regulated Strategy Development model beyond writing, and added value of mindfulness to this model. 


Technological. We will develop and empirically test a pervasive mobile app to implement mindfulness training, connected to a bracelet for collecting physiological and behavioraldata, which will be used to adjust mindfulness exercises to each individual and monitor its effects on relevant dimensions. This project will also develop and test an educational software for helping teachers to provide feedback tailored to students’ progress and outcomes, with clear indications on how to improve. Though originally developed in Portuguese, both tools will allow easy translation to other languages, which will be facilitated by international team members and the project’s integration into worldwide multidisciplinary networks.


Educational. This project will generate and transfer relevant knowledge and evidence-based practices for mindfulness training and writing instruction. The availability of mindfulness-based practices tested with robust designs are currently reduced. Similarly, evidence-based writing practices are still scarce, mainly targeting fundamental genres as opinion essays and with tools supporting teachers to provide regular and individualized feedback.